Saturday, January 29, 2022

Welcoming 2022 with an Open Heart

 Welcoming a New Year.

As we say goodbye to 2021 I have few words to express the losses and daunting trials our world has faced. And yet hope shadows the heart within the glistening window of God’s Grace. These are extraordinary times we are witnessing. We are all effected in different ways from the extreme circumstances we are faced with right now. My dear friends in Colorado had to evacuate their home yesterday due to the crushing fires in the Boulder and Denver areas. No word about their safety or their home they had to abandon as yet. Our prayers and love are with them. We all know the weather patterns are unpredictable and uncertain at best as evidenced by the icicles here, the recent floods in our area and the extreme heat domes this past summer. We have continued record cold here with more snow throughout the coming days.

 In 2022 may we continue to hold onto each other in all the creative loving ways we’ve learned to do these last two years to stay together, stay in touch, while continuing to protect ourselves and others through all the necessary safety precautions needed to get through the other side of this covid pandemic that has taken so many lives and caused infinanate levels of dispair. 

I have continued heartfelt gratitude for all the frontline workers and each and every person serving the public to provide for our needs. May the exhaustion we are all experiencing in one way or another give rise to glistening rays of hope and may our courage continue to guide our hearts in our love and care and support for each other Welcoming this New Year with joy, compassion, understanding, guidance, and gratitude for each other, in what we might accomplish together and in what is yet to come.

Photo taken December 30, 2021

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