Friday, April 2, 2021

I woke finding myself writing....

I’m a long time continuing education student. Self educated. Struggled all my life with educating myself in a good way, fighting traditional forms of education that presented themselves in ways that felt contrary to my spiritual needs. Even as a child I was directed to healing forms not necessarily conventional when I went door to door at six years old selling small bottles of lilic water I had made. Then following my heart I went from big sister of five siblings to preschool teacher. Blessed to participate in creating and managing programs and staff development, to completing my masters degree at age fifty. It took me a very long time to settle down and stay and learn and accept what I had to do to complete my degree in human development with three specializations in parent community work. On then to teaching at Skagit Community College, completing my internship at Compass Mental Health Services in children and family services, and receiving my license as a mental health counselor. Now here I am an elder and remain a student always learning. I still grow and dry flowers, have jars of them that will one day be gifts and boxes of seeds I’ve harvested and carry with me and grow and share as I can. Healing is a full time job.
Currently I’m in a Baha'i study class on Thursday evenings from 7-9:00. The Vine Delorea, Jr. Symposium coming up in May was mentioned. Waking this morning, I searched the dates and registered. In the process I began viewing some of last years speakers. I share this talk in the link below because it has personal meaning to me and I believe it is important in terms of understanding how to reach out and listen and learn and ask questions of our families and community members about what they want to learn and need.

I want to respectfully acknowledge my dear friend, collaborator  and teacher Faith Campbell. She hired me in 1991 to help establish the Samish Tribe preschool in Anacortes. Faith has now passed over and I miss her deeply. Her husband Larry Campbell, spoke at the symposium. His words give healing, hope, and wisdom for our young ones and for those like me who are life long learners. Humbly I thank both Faith and Larry for the years of quiet lessons shared. You can listen to his talk in the link provided.
Northwest Indian College’s 14th Annual Vine Deloria jr. Indigenous Studies Symposium Relationships, Reciprocity, Rights, and Resistance “Redefining natural resource management as relatives.” May 17th and 18th, 2019 Facebook: @Deloriasymposium