Monday, May 28, 2018

Grace and Humility

  Photo taken fall 2017

Grace and Humility

As I begin my 70th year, I reflect on so much I have to be grateful for and so much I have to look forward to as I move into this rather nebulous and unknown time in my life. My elder years. I will be continuing my work at Skagit Family Study Center as a counselor two days a week beginning in July. I will finally be retiring completely from the college as an instructor, and my work as a counselor with the Swinomish Tribe, at the end of June. Friendships with very dear colleagues that have walked along side of me for many years with continue, yet take on a new color. They will never be lost. They will always be treasured. I was told by a tribal elder from the Samish Nation, margret Greene, "we have no words for good bye in our language." 

I take a bend in the river now, turning to a slower pace of deepening my life with my husband as we continue our collaboration at Skagit family Study Center and Ullulate Gallery.

What this photo I took some months ago along the Skagit River means for me st this time in my life is a representation of my walk which has been blessed, each step a lesson learned. As I reflect on my blessings, I prayerfully walk in immense humility and gratitude. 
Photo of my dear friends. darlene, and Shirley