A Poem of Self Reflection.

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Renewal springs from letting go of false expectations
Pretense, self-doubt and denial of my spiritual self
Renewal is giving in to life, letting in, letting go

I am a dancer
Through my dance I feel uplifted in body, mind and spirit
I am taller, firmer in balance and walk
I dance to give myself renewal, letting go the self-doubt that fills my body
Letting in feelings of happiness as the music lifts my spirit
I dance for emotional release, letting go of outside eyes peering in
Letting in the joy of seeing and feeling through my true eyes

I am a dancer
I dance to hear the music fill my bones with laughter
Spill out my fingertips as I twirl
I dance to let in the rainbow threads of color that have always surrounded my soul
My true eyes fill with knowing my life is fragile, I let go

Yes! I let go
Dance is like prayer in motion, I offer my dance as prayer in motion
I let go of fear and let in the experience joy brings through my dance

My true eyes are not abandoned,
I have not abandoned my self, my spirit, my mind or my body
Letting in renewal, letting go of out side eyes

I am a dancer

Photo taken May 21, 2005 in our living room. Chuck bought me a full length mirror for my birthday so I can see myself dance, twirl and practice my new skills. First dance class was in February of 2001.

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