Monday, November 13, 2017

Consistency of Will, Insight Tools, and The Third Way

Developing consistency part one: create a list of what you think you need to be doing for yourself, which is what your gut or intuition is telling you, and you know you need to be doing, but you aren’t. The second part: What brings you calm? make a list of positive experiences that you know provide you safety and calm. This process will support your important ideas for the healing of yourself, your family, the world, it is your journey.

 Insight Tools: At Skagit Family Study Center we believe the "Five Step Self Time Out" tools support a reflective process of intentional emotional and spiritual development. Through reflection I can choose to intentionally become more aware of my feelings and needs, and the inner discomfort and contradictions stored in my body. When I am able to identify, label and process my feelings and needs, I am choosing to practice self care with intentional, gentle, tender, love. I can choose to notice and interrupt my inner contradictions and the discomforts I am feeling in my body. I can choose to stop blaming and shaming myself and others.  The goal is to notice and interrupt the dual thinking, the discomfort of contradictions, and replace the discomfort with the practice of gently affirming myself with positive, kind, affirming thoughts. When I practice affirming myself, I am building healthy internal boundaries.

Consistency of Creative Will: The management of choice is the balance of mind and heart. When these tools are practiced over a period of time the process of managing the emotional self will open awareness to the inner contradictions, i.e. the energy around feelings of irritation, anger, fear, hate, etc., and all of the negative "stuff" that keeps us stuck. The practice of the "Five Step Self Time Out" tools naturally includes the process of noticing, interrupting and replacing the inner contradictions created by negative self talk. As I notice, interrupt, and replace the discomfort I am feeling in my body with a plan based on healthy gentle care of myself, I create a deeper calm safe place within. As I choose to create a deeper calm safe place within, I am reducing the dual thinking of contradictions, while increasing a congruent consistency and management of creative will.

This is the Third Way