Thursday, July 2, 2015

This morning I worked outside cutting back ivy that is overgrown in front of the entrance Skagit Family Study Center. Seen here in the beautiful picture taken by Chuck's son Arron. That's me on the left, my husband Chuck in the middle, and Arron's wife, Amy, the beautiful tall woman on the right!
I needed to quite working after a couple of hours this morning as the heat was making it difficult for me and I was getting a blister on my thumb from cutting the ivy. It is 86 degrees today, a heat wave for this part of the world. I am now relaxing in the shade of our courtyard.

And thus I begin my July 2nd Constance Daily Post:

Moving on from activities and practices of dance routines and costume making, which I have not done for over a year now, Ive chosen to increase my yoga skills. For the last few months I have been learning yoga at the Ahimsa Yoga Studio. After my first child was born, I taught myself the sun salutation, the lion, and other stretching moves, which I have been practicing over the years. Its good to be in a class and learn about my body in different ways, and new yoga positions with a trained instructor. The health benefits have been good for me. The daily practice can be a challenge of course. I feel much better when I practice a few times a week. I notice I choose different food to eat and my energy when doing projects is more vibrant. I also don't get as sleepy during the day, that is if I get at least eight plus hours at night. I bought a membership to the YMCA and swim in the pool. all in all I am working to continue to keep my body and mind in bright spirit, it sounds so good when I am writing, the daily practice, takes daily practice.

Here's a person that has given me great inspiration and knowledge on the importance of the daily practice of self care..... Neuroscientist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She wrote an article for Spirituality and Health magazine years ago, which I read. Since then I have been inspired by her determination and transformation through her book "My Stroke of Insight" and by listening to her interviews and Ted Talks over the years, which describe her insight into the understanding of "the emotional brain." Enjoy!

Here is Dr. Taylor's NPR interview with Terri Gross.

Here are the links to her Ted Talks about the "emotional brain"

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