Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Pilgrim House


I’m moving my writings and photos from Facebook over to my blog. This is the second one thus far.

 January 2021

Chuck and I were blessed to travel to Haifa, Israel for a nine day Bahai pilgrimage in the early summer of 2003. More photos to follow as I begin to unpack and organize albums. In November of 1998 my daughter Emily and I visited my daughter Jenni in Haifa where she served at the Universal House of Justice for five years. From 1996 until 2001. I’m looking forward to giving time to writing and sharing memories of these precious days together in the Holy land. At that time we were able to take day trips and travel to Jerusalem, Galilee, and Akka. I learned all about riding the taxi vans of the area from my daughter, called sheruts. We used these often to get around the area, to shop for groceries, and visit the downtown markets and sites of interest. We traveled by bus to Jerusalem and extravagantly rented a car for the day to travel to Galilee. In the evenings we would walk to the Pilgrim House from my daughters apartment where we were staying to attend wonderful talks on the history and current affairs of the Bahai Faith. They were given by members of the Universal House of Justice serving at that time. Tea and special desserts were always served afterward with lovely opportunities for meeting and socializing with the friends on pilgrimage from many other parts of the world.

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