Monday, May 28, 2018

Grace and Humility

As I begin my 70th year, I reflect on so much I have to be grateful for and so much I have to look forward to as I move into this rather nebulous and unknown time in my life. My elder years. I will be continuing my work at Skagit Family Study Center as a counselor two days a week beginning in July. I will finally be retiring completely from the college as an instructor and from my work as a counselor with the Swinomish Tribe at the end of June. Friendships with very dear colleagues that have walked along side of me for many years with continue, yet take on a new color. They will never be lost. They will always be treasured. I was told by a tribal elder from the Samish Nation, "We have no words for good bye in our language." This is what I have been told by the tribal elders and young ones following in their ways over and over again and from many different tribal communities. I have accepted the invitation to return.  "You are not really leaving, you are coming back right?" "Please come back and visit us whenever you like." It is an honor for my family and we will return often.

I take a bend in the river now, turning home to a slower pace of deepening my life with my husband and continuing our collaboration here at Skagit family Study Center and Ullulate Gallery.

What this photo I took some months ago along the Skagit River means for me is that my walk has been blessed, each step a lesson learned. As I reflect on my blessings, I prayerfully walk in immense humility and gratitude. 

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