Saturday, March 11, 2017

May 26, 2016
 For my birthday I wanted to celebrate by visiting the Nisqually Tribal sites in honor of the Paddle to Nisqually Canoe Journey 2016. Neither Chuck or I had visited that particular area. We stayed on the outskirts of Lacey/Olympia in a beautiful little cottage just up from the Chahalis Bike Trails and on a lovely farm where you could often hear horses speaking to each other from a large pasture across from the cottage. We brought our bicycles and enjoyed three days of great bike trails and beach hikes. We decorated a beached log with the sand dollars we found. We followed a trail from the Burfoot (Thurston County) Park down to Budd Inlet, where the canoes paddlers would be traveling, before landing at the base of Puget Sound on the Point of Olympia. See to follow the Canoe Journey as they traveled in August. We visited the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. Details of the history of the beloved Billy Frank Jr. can also be found on the Nisqually web page. We observed and listened to many beautiful birds in the refuge as we walked along the mud flats and estuary trails and along the Nisqually River.
This year I have been invited to attend the American Indian Psychologist Association annual gathering in June. I have been researching the area on line and talking to other therapists who have attended in the past. I am waffling with trepidation as we will travel to a remote area in the mountains and stay in tents for a couple of days as part of the experience. I camped on the beach in Santa Barbara when I went to the University for three weeks to receive my Montessori practicum which was required for my certification. At that time I was a young mother and on a mission to teach my children all I could learn so they would enter school with a firm foundation. This new invitation is bringing up memories of our adventures of traveling to Santa Barbara that summer in 1976. I drove from Anacortes, Washington to Central California where my parents lived at the time. They had bought property and were living in a small town called Orosi. The property had five acres of orange trees, Valencia oranges. My father was working to establish his home building and construction business. My children stayed there on the "farm" as we all called it, with their grandparents, while I traveled on to Santa Barbara University to complete my practicum. So... more later as I touch into my feelings, talk with my beloved, and research how I might like to celebrate my 69th birthday this year.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

     We were her angels, and now she is ours

                   In loving Memory

My mother, Velda Mae Kolhs, was born January 31, 1929 
to Juanita and Reinhart Edward (Sonny) Kolhs. 
She was daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. 

Velda had an infectious laugh that captured us all. In her presence she was filled with joy and curiosity to know all about your day or recent adventures, as if nothing else mattered. She wanted to know all that could be found out about you, and made each child, grand child and great grand child feel special in their very own precious way.  Velda is treasured by each one of her loved ones and will always be admired for her warm heart and deep insight into each soul she came into contact with, if only for a short time. She was never afraid to speak her mind, and would not hesitate to let you know what was on her heart.

Velda is survived by her loving husband Bob, of 68 years, their two sons Ed and Robert, and their daughter, Connie, as well as nine grand children and fifteen great grand children. Two daughters Diana and Barbie passed before her, in 1995 and 2000 respectively. 

Velda has many loving cousins, nieces and nephews from her hometown of Fruita, Colorado. The Washington and Colorado families were reunited the summer of 2013. The visit from her Colorado family brought her immense joy and she was filled with gratitude for their visit. She glowed with pride when sharing her joy that all of the grand children and great grandchildren visited her and Bob this past summer of 2015. Velda made friends with each one she came into contact with, through her cheerfulness and curiosity, intent on never forgetting a name of anyone she met. She is deeply loved and will be forever remembered by all of her family for her ever-present loving heart and warm touch. 

Great grandma holding Great Grandson James River, born March 3, 2010. Great Grand daughter Jenna watching in the background along side her Grandma Nonni.

Our beloved mother passed on December 25, 2015
Family Memorial and Dinner
The Farmhouse Inn 
January 30, 2016
She will be laid to rest at
Grandview Cemetery
Anacortes, Washington

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Today I visited my mother and father. I visit them weekly. My mother is 86 and my father is 89. He will turn 90 on November 10th this year. They both live in their home. Two weeks ago my mom was in the hospital and when she was released, the doctor ordered a home health care nurse for her, two days a week. She has her vital  signs monitored, blood drawn, and her medications organized. We agreed it was time for my father to see his doctor to review his need for a home health care nurse as well. He qualified, and today the nurse visited them both. It was a 2 and a 1/2 hour visit to establish their needs in the home. Having this care in the home brings such relief for us as they will be able to discuss their health concerns regularly with their nurse. My brothers installed a beautiful walk-in jacuzzi and bath tub a few years ago for them. They installed hand rails and guards where appropriate, inside and out.  As the nurse reviewed their needs, she did not need to add any updates to the home related to their safety at this time. There are many blessings running through our family. The most significant is the love and care the family is demonstrating for our parents as they grow older and their health needs increase due to their age. Strong, determined, independent souls, struggling to accept the reality of their life at this time. Blessing abound within our family and the strongest is our love. Strong, determined, independent children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren standing together in behalf of our parents.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Celebrating a Grateful Day"

Our little four years old Grandson had his first "sleep over" at Grandma Nonni and Grand dad's house last night, (without big sister). He's been very excited for weeks in anticipation of this event. I went to pick him up, and he had his back pack on is back before I could say hello. Waiting to leave, while I visited with his mother (my daughter) took a great deal of patience on his part, of which he had little. When we finally were driving away from their house he said, "I bet my parents are going to miss me."  I said, "I bet you will miss them too." "No, only a little bit." Proud of his parents that he feels secure about who he is at this young age. We had a lovely evening. One of his favorite things to do is play the instruments from the big music chest.
Time goes by so fast, filled with the jarring business of life. I feel the need to slow down with disciplined intention and deep awareness, in order to capture the remarkable experiences of my grand children joyfully playing and growing in my presence. I celebrate the gifts of this good day with gratitude and grace. His mother took this photo.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

This morning I worked outside cutting back ivy that is overgrown in front of the entrance Skagit Family Study Center. Seen here in the beautiful picture taken by Chuck's son Arron. That's me on the left, my husband Chuck in the middle, and Arron's wife, Amy, the beautiful tall woman on the right!
I needed to quite working after a couple of hours this morning as the heat was making it difficult for me and I was getting a blister on my thumb from cutting the ivy. It is 86 degrees today, a heat wave for this part of the world. I am now relaxing in the shade of our courtyard.

And thus I begin my July 2nd Constance Daily Post:

Moving on from activities and practices of dance routines and costume making, which I have not done for over a year now, Ive chosen to increase my yoga skills. For the last few months I have been learning yoga at the Ahimsa Yoga Studio. After my first child was born, I taught myself the sun salutation, the lion, and other stretching moves, which I have been practicing over the years. Its good to be in a class and learn about my body in different ways, and new yoga positions with a trained instructor. The health benefits have been good for me. The daily practice can be a challenge of course. I feel much better when I practice a few times a week. I notice I choose different food to eat and my energy when doing projects is more vibrant. I also don't get as sleepy during the day, that is if I get at least eight plus hours at night. I bought a membership to the YMCA and swim in the pool. all in all I am working to continue to keep my body and mind in bright spirit, it sounds so good when I am writing, the daily practice, takes daily practice.

Here's a person that has given me great inspiration and knowledge on the importance of the daily practice of self care..... Neuroscientist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She wrote an article for Spirituality and Health magazine years ago, which I read. Since then I have been inspired by her determination and transformation through her book "My Stroke of Insight" and by listening to her interviews and Ted Talks over the years, which describe her insight into the understanding of "the emotional brain." Enjoy!

Here is Dr. Taylor's NPR interview with Terri Gross.

Here are the links to her Ted Talks about the "emotional brain"

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Veils of The Wahhadi

It's July first and I've been thinking about my dance troupe friends. Here we are after our performance in 2011 and 2012. Medfest is always in July and we have been preforming together for over eight years. We made our own costumes and much of the jewelry in these two sets. Such fun. It takes about a year to learn the new routines that our instructor developed. This year we are not performing together at Medfest, which is July 18 and 19. Missing it.

This blog is in honor of Veils of The Wahhadi.
Here's to our troupe!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015



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