Saturday, March 11, 2017

May 26, 2016
 For my birthday I wanted to celebrate by visiting the Nisqually Tribal sites in honor of the Paddle to Nisqually Canoe Journey 2016. Neither Chuck or I had visited that particular area. We stayed on the outskirts of Lacey/Olympia in a beautiful little cottage just up from the Chahalis Bike Trails and on a lovely farm where you could often hear horses speaking to each other from a large pasture across from the cottage. We brought our bicycles and enjoyed three days of great bike trails and beach hikes. We decorated a beached log with the sand dollars we found. We followed a trail from the Burfoot (Thurston County) Park down to Budd Inlet, where the canoes paddlers would be traveling, before landing at the base of Puget Sound on the Point of Olympia. See to follow the Canoe Journey as they traveled in August. We visited the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. Details of the history of the beloved Billy Frank Jr. can also be found on the Nisqually web page. We observed and listened to many beautiful birds in the refuge as we walked along the mud flats and estuary trails and along the Nisqually River.
This year I have been invited to attend the American Indian Psychologist Association annual gathering in June. I have been researching the area on line and talking to other therapists who have attended in the past. I am waffling with trepidation as we will travel to a remote area in the mountains and stay in tents for a couple of days as part of the experience. I camped on the beach in Santa Barbara when I went to the University for three weeks to receive my Montessori practicum which was required for my certification. At that time I was a young mother and on a mission to teach my children all I could learn so they would enter school with a firm foundation. This new invitation is bringing up memories of our adventures of traveling to Santa Barbara that summer in 1976. I drove from Anacortes, Washington to Central California where my parents lived at the time. They had bought property and were living in a small town called Orosi. The property had five acres of orange trees, Valencia oranges. My father was working to establish his home building and construction business. My children stayed there on the "farm" as we all called it, with their grandparents, while I traveled on to Santa Barbara University to complete my practicum. So... more later as I touch into my feelings, talk with my beloved, and research how I might like to celebrate my 69th birthday this year.